Flag Ceremony Instructions

Posted on Feb 6 2023 - 9:22pm

Just so we have it documented and everyone knows, here are the flag ceremony instructions we follow...

Troop attention (if COH audience please rise)

Johnson Ferry Road Cleanup - Saturday, February 11

Posted on Feb 6 2023 - 9:22pm

What: Johnson Ferry Road Clean Up
Where: Corner of Johnson Ferry Road and Lassiter
When: Saturday, Feb. 11, 8:00 to 9:30 AM

Join us as we tidy up our stretch of Johnson Ferry Road. We will start at the corner of Johnson Ferry and Lassiter and end up at the Fire Station on Oak Lane. We should be at the Fire Station between 9 and 9:30 AM.

Pine Straw - Delivery Day March 4

Posted on Feb 6 2023 - 9:21pm

It is pine straw time again. This is our big fundraiser that provides the money we need to keep going, and is a ALL HANDS ON DECK situation. We need everyone there to help.

Canoeing Campout - Feb 17

Posted on Feb 6 2023 - 9:21pm

What: Canoeing Campout
When: Feb. 17 thru Feb.20
Where: Okefenokee Swamp Florida

Court of Honor - February 6 - The Lodge

Posted on Jan 30 2023 - 9:32pm

What: Court of Honor
When: Monday, February 6
Where: The Lodge

Time for our next Court of Honor. Join us as we celebrate our Scouts accomplishme

*** No Troop Meeting - Holiday ***

Posted on Jan 11 2023 - 7:16am

*** No Troop Meeting - Holiday ***

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